We will continue to bring profits for our clients beside contribute to distribution for community in 2020.

In addition, in this year we are going to try some new things.

There are construct new part of building for Kashimakonan dangerous goods warehouse, add to certificated AEO facility and coming off construction plan for Kashimakonan dangerous goods warehouse.

We will improve operation quality.

Thank you for using our service.


Strategy for BCP

Strategy for BCP

Same type model for installation

We will reinforcement emergency generator 350KVA in Narita East Distribution Center/Narita South Distribution Center/Kashimakonanhama Distribution Center

That is for our client, and we are afraid of cancel our work plan, so we must enhance electrical power supply due to protect our facility from strongly natural disaster.

【New emergency generator model】

1.Generator design

1-1. power generator made from TOKYO DENKI - TKGP450LT(400KVA)

kind of fuel…Diesel light oil JIS second

1-2. lamp generator made from TOKYO DENKI - TDGP70LTA(60KVA)

Kind of fuel…Diesel light oil JIS second

2.Operation time

Established fuel storage as annex and they can continue to operate about 12hours.

Also, we preserve light oil 2000L it’s key to ingredients to solve power outage.

Welcome to brightly newcomers!!

We employing foreigner staffs.

Their arrival ceremony was held on March-5.

8 people from TRAENCO International JSC welcoming as our new workmate!!

They will be assigned each working place Narita East Logistics Center, Narita South Logistics Center, Narita South Logistics Center Second and Kashima brunch office.

After prepare for their new life, they will start work.

Welcome to brightly newcomers!!
We got NEW license!!

We got NEW license!!

Finally, Narita South Logistics Center(SLC)-(that’s under the control of Yokohama Customer) certificated as AEO Warehouse Operator from Yokohama Custom on April-1 2020!!

-AEO… Authorized Economic Operator Program(AEO)

We will make an efforts for performance improvements as a totally distribution company, as a reliable company focus on compliance and security.

Welcome to RAISING STARS!!

We held entrance ceremony on April-1 2020!!

5 people joined us as NEWCOMMER, and we celebrated their NEW beginning in society.

In addition, they are 30th employer after we established.

Such as turning point we inspired for our prosper.

We will continue to provide ideal working place for their job performance.


Welcome to brightly newcomers!!
We got NEW license!!

We got NEW license!!②

We certificated as Business Continuity Planning (BCP) by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. We trying to system of Business Continuity Planning supported by Ministry of economy, Trade and Industry and certified our plan for disaster prevention and disaster risk reduction at both warehouses in Narita and Kashima.

Never lose natural disaster!!

There is focus on enhance ability of BCP.

We must protect staff’s live and employment whenever, and it’s important that community and client's connection must be maintain and prosper as a company for supporting community activity and supply chain.

Contribute to community

We donated part of underwriting commission for medical professionals in IUHW Narita Hospital used medical support private placement bonds.

The COVID-19 pandemic, their sense of mission and responsibility are deserved respect in medical front line.

We grateful for their efforts and we should do best for our community as a society infrastructure each other.

Welcome to brightly newcomers!!
We got NEW qualification!!

No accident brings customer satisfaction and employer satisfaction

Achievement for accident-free on our duties for 15 years!!

Our insurance company admitted us as an excellent company about high quality of safe that there is seldom traffic accident or cargo accident(for vehicle insurance in company)

This result apply to discounted insurance fee

That’s makes us encourage to improve work performance

-Our insurance contents-

Insurance period: October-26 2020 to October-26 2021

Additional/discount: discount of excellent resolute for 15 years

Contents: bodily injury/property damage …no limited

following passenger…30million JPY

Cargo insurance: loading stuff…2billion JPY (truck and forklift include to cargo theft)

Comprehensive insurance: human accident 2billion (damaging/wrong shipment/mis delivery by human error)

Purchased insurance company:

Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co.,Ltd./Tokio Marine &Nichido Fire Insurance Co.,Ltd.


3 people got qualification as


held on October-22

Recently we improving service for client’s request which dangerous goods handling

-increasing dangerous goods warehouses

-employer who filling in shipper's declaration for dangerous goods

-qualified person for various dangerous goods handling

Dangerous goods compliance is necessary for our industry, and we will be expanded and beneficial.

Welcome to brightly newcomers!!
We got NEW qualification!!

We are thoroughly taking counter measures against COVID-19!!

Installed body temperature measuring system all offices

-preparing for the third wave of pandemic

-take temperature accurately by black body furnace

-all comers should check and saving all dates